Designed to be fashion elements, a new interpretation of the current trend. Continue to absorb a large number of popular seasonal elements, collecting different materials, the use of different color patterns to clever sewing techniques continue to perform the classic brand, to create a new clothing and distinctive personality, give the brand a new life.

01  Design and development, keep up with fashion

  • A design team with more than 10 years of experience always pays attention to fashion trends in the apparel market, keeps abreast of fashion trends, and launches new models quickly;
  • Support OEM customization of existing styles, support customer sample printing, personalized customization to meet different customer needs.

02  Fabric accessories, fashionable and safe

  • Possess first-hand fabric and accessories resources, can quickly obtain information on new fabrics and accessories in the industry, and the finished products are novel and fashionable;
  • Direct supply of noodle accessories, stable quality, and through multiple tests to ensure high-quality and safe materials.

03  A variety of design styles, unique production

  • Clothing color matching design, focusing on beauty and enhancing brand image;


  • Provide design services for many clothing brands and e-commerce brands to ensure sales.


04  People-oriented, meticulous workmanship

  • Experienced pattern designers make patterns, restore design drafts, and achieve customer satisfaction;
  • Thousands of skilled sewing technicians, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, quality is guaranteed.
Liu Tan Clothing Intelligent OEM Processing Capability
Liu Tan Clothing Intelligent OEM Processing Capability